>>International Workshop, Hamburg, 26-27 September 2003

The workshop intends to sharpen the socio-theoretical aspect of queer theory and connect it to a critique of globalisation. The concept of integration is not only decisive in the areas of migration and sexual politics, but also in 'European Politics' as well as international institutions and globalised economy.

In how far is the allegedly progressive term 'integration' used to conceal annexations?

How does the social organisation of sex and sexuality fit into neo-liberal politics of inclusion and exclusion?
To what extent do politics of asylum and migration make use of normative heterosexuality and rigid binary sex/genders in their attempts to suppress mobility within and into Europe?

Organizers / Organisatorinnen:

Claudia Koltzenburg (Hamburg),
European Lesbian Studies, WILD (www.sappho.net/wild)
and amnesty international, German Chapter,
Sexual Identity and Human Rights, MeRSI (www.amnesty.de/de/2918)

Dr. Antke Engel
Ass Prof of Queer Theory, University of Hamburg, Institute of Sociology
Vertretungsprofessorin für Queer Theory, Universität Hamburg, Institut für Soziologie

In cooperation with / in Zusammenarbeit mit:

umdenken - politisches Bildungswerk Hamburg,

Sponsored by / gefördert durch:
University of Hamburg / Universität Hamburg,
University of Hamburg, Institute of Sociology
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)